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Common Questions

You Ask. We Answer.

What services does Safer Crocker provide?

We primarily provide patrol, safety escort and vacation watch services to the Crocker Highlands neighborhood. See more details on our services here. Note: we are currently investigating the viability of addition of security cameras to our services.

Is Safer Crocker a Lakeshore Home Association (LHA) initiative?

No, Safer Crocker is independent of the LHA. Safe Crocker is working to collaborate with the LHA to the extent the bylaws allow.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

Yes!  Safer Crocker has obtained 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, which allows your contributions to be tax deductible. 

Are the patrol officers unarmed? What are the rules of engagement?

Patrol officers will not carry firearms or tasers in accordance with the terms of the contract between Intervention Group and Safer Crocker. They may carry mace or batons if they are licensed, but Intervention Group and Safer Crocker have agreed that the officers will not carry batons at this time. Safer Crocker is not contemplating a move to armed patrols for the foreseeable future.

The unarmed nature of the patrols mean that the patrol officers will not in general physically intervene but instead will observe at a safe distance, call the police if there is indication of criminal activity, and provide eyewitness and other evidence to the police. If there is a crime in progress where a person is being harmed or facing imminent harm, the patrol officer may choose to physically intervene if they judge it is safe to do so.

Have the patrols been effective at reducing crime?

Safer Rockridge has analyzed the impact of the patrols on burglaries and robberies in Rockridge with statistical modeling using over seven years of Oakland-wide, historical data up through October 2014. They estimated that burglaries and robberies are down by 30% relative to what would have been the case absent the patrols. See Safer Rockridge Analysis.

Our own board member, Michael Pivovaroff, has done a similar analysis on Safer Crocker's results thus far.

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