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Safer Crocker Private Patrols

Over the past few months, there have been a number of burglaries, thefts, and other crimes in the neighborhood. Recently, one of the families in our neighborhood became a victim of an armed home invasion.
In response to the above, a group of Crocker Highlands residents came together to discuss collaborative measures to improve personal and property safety in our community. We have learned through similar initiatives now in place in several other Oakland communities (Rockridge, Oakmore, Redwood Heights, Sequoia Hills, Dimond District, and many others) that private patrols have reduced neighborhood crime by as much as 30%.


The mission of Safer Crocker is to increase the safety of Crocker Highlands by providing unarmed security patrol in our neighborhood, paid for through voluntary contributions by residents. 
While our goal is to make this patrol service ultimately available to the whole Crocker Highlands neighborhood, our initial coverage area consists mostly of homes within the Lakeshore Homes Association. Click here for coverage map.

If you live outside the initial coverage area and are interested in helping expand coverage, please contact us.
We have entered in a contract with Intervention Group with a goal of providing one unarmed security car patrolling our streets 72 hours every week, providing “eyes and ears” for our neighborhood. Total patrol hours will be determined by the level of monthly donations. With enough homeowner participation, we can provide 24/7 coverage. 


This service will not get off the ground without enthusiastic community support: please donate, ideally with a recurring monthly donation. Visit the Donate Now page for more information.
Join our mailing list here if you’d like to receive on-going Safer Crocker communication.

Email us at



What you can do:

Donate monthly to promote a safer Crocker: recommended $30 per month recurring. If enough households participate, we can provide 24/7 coverage.

Get involved. Discuss this with you neighbors. Make sure everyone in your family knows safe daily practices. Be aware and be safe. 
                     2019 sponsors:
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       Support the Patrols
 'Subscribe' button for a $30/ month                            recurring donation:
'Donate' button for a one time donation: 
Mail check payable to 'Safer Crocker' at Safer Crocker, P.O. Box 16279,
          Oakland, CA 94610. 
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