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Safer Crocker Private Patrols

Welcome to Safer Crocker Highlands! Our mission is to increase safety in our community by contracting with a private patrol service - the Intervention Group Inc. (IGI) - that patrols within the boundaries of the Lakeshore Homes Association (LHA). Safer Crocker Highlands was foundedin 2016 in response to an uptick in burglaries, thefts, and other crimes in the neighborhood. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.


Our patrol service is funded by voluntary contributions from supporters, and all donations go directly into maintaining the patrols. IGI provides a marked, unarmed security patrol in our neighborhood and total patrol hours are determined by the level of monthly support.

The occurrence of crime in our neighborhood is lower than the surrounding areas, evidenced by Oakland’s crime mapping website, We believe this is due, at least in part, to the presence of our security patrols.

The primary purpose of the patrols is to enhance the safety of Crocker Highlands by:

  • patrolling our neighborhood streets and public spaces to create a visual deterrent to crime,

  • communicating suspected criminal behavior to the Oakland Police Department with documentation of observations that can help in law enforcement,

  • responding to calls from residents who have immediate security concerns, 24 hours a day, 

  • providing, on request, a vacation watch and safe escort service for supporters. Safe escorts are provided within the immediate neighborhood.

To Report suspicious behavior to IGI, call 1-877-272-8765.

While our goal is to make this patrol service ultimately available to the whole Crocker Highlands neighborhood, our initial coverage area consists mostly of homes within the Lakeshore Homes Association. Click here for coverage map.
We have entered in a contract with Intervention Group with a goal of providing one unarmed security car patrolling our streets 72 hours every week, providing “eyes and ears” for our neighborhood. Total patrol hours will be determined by the level of monthly donations. With enough homeowner participation, we can provide 24/7 coverage. 

We need your support! Please donate, ideally with a recurring monthly donation of $30. Visit the Donate Now page for more information. If enough households participate, we can provide 24/7 coverage.


Get involved. Discuss Safer Crocker with your neighbors.
Join our mailing list here if you’d like to receive on-going Safer Crocker communication.

Email us at



What you can do:

Donate monthly to promote a safer Crocker: recommended $30 per month recurring. If enough households participate, we can provide 24/7 coverage.

Get involved. Discuss this with you neighbors. Make sure everyone in your family knows safe daily practices. Be aware and be safe. 
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