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Patrol Information

Patrol Officers and Contact Information:


Interventional Group (IGI) can be reached at 1-877-272-8765.

Please contact the officers if you see any suspicious activity, or have a security-related concern. If you do not reach a IGI officer at that number, they are either not on duty or are assisting others.

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About the Patrols

The main goal of the security patrols is to enhance the safety of all Crocker neighbors and guests on our streets and in our public spaces. The security patrols will accomplish this in the following ways: 


  1. Patrol neighborhood streets and public spaces to deter criminal activity.

  2. Provide a resource to residents who may have immediate security concerns.      

  3. Communicate documentation of observations to the Oakland Police Department.      


Intervention Group will provide patrols for the region on this page. 


The security officers will be unarmed. They are trained to observe and report suspicious or criminal activity, and their first response to any criminal or safety concern will be to contact Oakland Police Department. They will then observe, report, and assist anyone in need when it is safe to do so.

Intervention Group will communicate regularly with Safer Crocker so that information about the on-going patrols can be shared with the community.

Find more information about Intervention Group click Here

       Support the Patrols
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Mail check payable to 'Safer Crocker'                      at Safer Crocker, P.O. Box 16279,
            Oakland, CA 94610. 
Patrol area will include:

Mandana Blvd (both sides) from Lakeshore to Clarendon Crescent.

Lakeshore Ave to lower Clarendon Crescent and Midcrest.

Mandana Blvd to Grosvenor Place, Bates Rd.

Holman Rd to Creed Rd.

Trestle Glen up to Norwood.


Patrol Tracking 

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