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Safer Crocker patrols will provide service to all residents within the service area and are supported by community contributions.


The number of patrol hours will be proportional to the monthly funds donated. We expect 95% of contributions to go directly to supporting patrols, with the remainder covering the expenses required to administer Safer Crocker.


Please click the donate button to contribute to the security patrols. We highly recommend a recurring monthly donation of $30 per household - this allows us to better plan for patrol hours in future months. You can cancel a recurring payment at any time.

Donations from 600 households of $30 per month will fund 24/7 neighborhood patrols. 

If you would rather donate by check, please send your check payable to 'Safer Crocker' at Safer Crocker, P.O. Box 16279, Oakland, CA 94610. 

        Support the Patrols
   'Subscribe' button for a $30/ month                              recurring donation:
 'Donate' button for a one time donation: 
      Mail check payable to 'Safer Crocker'                      at Safer Crocker, P.O. Box 16279,
                   Oakland, CA 94610. 
Safer Crocker is a non- profit public benefit corporation 
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